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I Had to Be Cleared to Go Back to Work

I always thought that a chiropractor in San Francisco was just about giving a person a spinal adjustment and sending them on their way. I had no idea that there was so much more involved in chiropractic care, but I was able to discover that when I had to go see one after an accident at my work site. It was mandatory that I was cleared for work, and one of the doctors who had to do that was a chiropractor. My work was paying for my visit, so I had no problem going there. I was surprised at what I found out while there though.

I did discover from my own experience that people who are in accidents are able to feel better after seeing a chiropractor. I learned much more though. I did have an adjustment done on my back after an examination and a lengthy talk with the chiropractor. I was surprised at how much better I felt after just one adjustment, and that is when he told me that people who have no injuries come on a regular basis to have adjustments done. Continue reading I Had to Be Cleared to Go Back to Work

It’s Great to Have Helpful Businesses Nearby

I moved my business into a strip mall because the location is so great. I also really liked that there were so many great businesses located there that I hoped would help me gain some new customers because of all the customer foot traffic happening with the other nearby businesses. One of the office spaces was taken up by a group of Sacramento chiropractors and I noticed that they were busy all day long. I stopped by one day to introduce myself, and later, I ended up becoming a customer there myself.

I don’t feel all that bad for someone who is 60 years old. But I realized that I sure didn’t feel like I did when I was only a young teenager or a person in their 20s. Continue reading It’s Great to Have Helpful Businesses Nearby