Monthly Archives: July 2017

I Hurt My Back Riding Dirt Bikes

I just got back from seeing a Chiropractor in Tracy AZ. It started out pretty fun and in fact I was thinking that I had really struck it, and that is still the case. I have a lot of clients down here, all of them are pretty wealthy. You do not need me very much if you do not have a good bit of money after all. In fact one of my favorite clients came by here money the old fashioned way, she married it and then she divorced the guy who used to have it. She likes me too, and this weekend she invited me out to her place in the country, up in the canyons as they say down here. Continue reading I Hurt My Back Riding Dirt Bikes

I Had to Move Again

This time I am down in a place called Round Rock TX which is a suburb of Austin TX and pretty much as hot as a furnace this time of the year. In fact I have had to get a membership at a gym near my house and that is how I hurt my back. Of course I was doing something I should not have been doing, likely in an effort to replace the girls who were at the gym. In the end I had to find a Round Rock chiropractor to fix my back, which seems to have worked. However he told me that there is a good chance that I shall have to come back if things move out of the places where they are supposed to be. It seems that the bones in my back were not really in the right places relative to each other and that is what caused the pain that I was experiencing. Continue reading I Had to Move Again