A Change of Pace for the Holidays

Last month was quite a painful experience for me and my brother. We decided to change up our usual holiday plans and went to the mountains to ski. We usually go to the mountains for vacations, but not for this particular holiday. Everything was going well until we both injured ourselves and had to cut our fun short. Once we got back home, we went to a Valley Village chiropractor for a quick examination, because we were experiencing some back pain from our injuries that just wouldn’t go away, no matter how many aspirin we threw at it.

The chiropractor told us that our injuries were a little worse than we thought, and we would need to have a little procedure done to correct it. I was hoping to go through the entire year without having any medical bills, but I guess some things in life just can’t be helped. My brother and I are both insured, and it’s a good thing too, given the ever changing climate of the health care landscape. While I was ready to get the procedure done, my brother was a little scared to have it happen. He’s never had to have any procedures done before, but I have years ago.

Convincing my brother that everything would be just fine wasn’t easy, so I told him that I would have my procedure done first, so that he could see how easy it would be. I was in and out the same day that the procedure was done, which lessened my brother’s fears. He went through with it, and realized that he didn’t have much to worry about. I think we’ll hold off on going skiing again, but I wouldn’t mind doing something different again for the next holiday. Maybe going to a tropical country during Christmas.

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