I Had to Be Cleared to Go Back to Work

I always thought that a chiropractor in San Francisco was just about giving a person a spinal adjustment and sending them on their way. I had no idea that there was so much more involved in chiropractic care, but I was able to discover that when I had to go see one after an accident at my work site. It was mandatory that I was cleared for work, and one of the doctors who had to do that was a chiropractor. My work was paying for my visit, so I had no problem going there. I was surprised at what I found out while there though.

I did discover from my own experience that people who are in accidents are able to feel better after seeing a chiropractor. I learned much more though. I did have an adjustment done on my back after an examination and a lengthy talk with the chiropractor. I was surprised at how much better I felt after just one adjustment, and that is when he told me that people who have no injuries come on a regular basis to have adjustments done. Anyone who does this is going to feel much better as they get older.

I did not understand the science behind that, though I could certainly understand the principal after just one adjustment on my own back. He explained about the spine, how it connects to everything in the body through the nervous system. When it gets out of whack, then pain comes. I also learned that pain is often the last thing that is felt, so a person’s back can be misaligned for a long time before any pain is even felt. I knew that I wanted to continue to feel good, so I still go back at least once a month to have my own adjustments done.

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