I Had to Move Again

This time I am down in a place called Round Rock TX which is a suburb of Austin TX and pretty much as hot as a furnace this time of the year. In fact I have had to get a membership at a gym near my house and that is how I hurt my back. Of course I was doing something I should not have been doing, likely in an effort to replace the girls who were at the gym. In the end I had to find a Round Rock chiropractor to fix my back, which seems to have worked. However he told me that there is a good chance that I shall have to come back if things move out of the places where they are supposed to be. It seems that the bones in my back were not really in the right places relative to each other and that is what caused the pain that I was experiencing.

At any rate when I got down here I started out trying to work out just like I used to, meaning that on the odd days of the week I would go out and run for about an hour in the morning. I have not been in a place like this however. It has hardly been below 90 degrees here, even after the sun goes down at night and even when it is early in the morning. In fact it is really hot in the middle of the night down here, hot enough so that you have to worry about all sorts of trouble when you are exerting yourself. So that is why I got the gym membership, right about a mile and a half from the house. It is obviously nice and cool in there and I decided to start lifting too.

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