It’s Great to Have Helpful Businesses Nearby

I moved my business into a strip mall because the location is so great. I also really liked that there were so many great businesses located there that I hoped would help me gain some new customers because of all the customer foot traffic happening with the other nearby businesses. One of the office spaces was taken up by a group of Sacramento chiropractors and I noticed that they were busy all day long. I stopped by one day to introduce myself, and later, I ended up becoming a customer there myself.

I don’t feel all that bad for someone who is 60 years old. But I realized that I sure didn’t feel like I did when I was only a young teenager or a person in their 20s. I am not someone who is really good at keeping up with exercises without some prodding and reminding from my wife or an expert. So, that may be why I have not always felt like a million dollars. I like to relax when I am home, and I often have a lot of things to do around our house and property, so that never left a ton of time for working out either. I do like to get active when my grandkids come over. Often, I will go for walks with them, have a BBQ and watch them while they are in the pool. If I’m free, I will often jump into the pool and play a good game of Marco Polo with them.

Not feeling perfect, however, led me to walk in to meet the chiropractors near my office. I asked them if they might be able to help me. One of them was happy to sit down right then and go over some of the things that they offer their customers. He said that he would even give me a free back adjustment.

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