Thinking About This Little Idea

Of course I do not have much faith in the idea of Jamaican Sex Stone, but it does make for an awesome gag gift I think. That is the idea that I was thinking about this morning. I just happened upon this site which was selling the stuff as a herbal remedy for problems of a sexual nature. It was supposed to be rubbed on your private parts, the private parts of a male that is. It seems like the stuff would be a bit silly to use on a woman’s private areas. Obviously they usually do not have to worry about not being able to perform the act of sex, or at least I do not understand any event or disorder that would prevent them from doing it. At any rate the thing I was thinking was that I know a lot of people who really enjoy this sort of joke gift. I get about three or four every year myself and there are some people I know who pass the same thing from one to another year after year.

There are probably sites which already do this sort of thing, but I did not find a lot of good ones when I searched for the subject. I found some lame ones. I assume that if you did it well you could be able to do quite well at it. That is not to say that I think it would be a huge money maker. Instead I think that you could make a decent amount of money off of it. The big idea would be a lot better obviously, but you could combine a half dozen ideas like this one and that might get you to that big idea. I think it would be worth the effort at the least.

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